“REGENERATION“ - The Green Trend Book No. 1

The trend report that helps getting an overview of the four big manifestations in the green design scene you don't want to miss!

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Do you feel we live in a moment of overwhelming information and it gets difficult to distinguish what is relevant, and what not?

And have you asked yourself, is it too early or too late to jump on a trend?


'REGENERATION' is a digital Trend Book. It comes as a downloadable ebook (this is not a printed version).

The content has being crafted during our annual Trend Think Tank with the help of experts from different creative areas to set a first general direction. During the past month, the Eclectic Trends team has been collecting further projects, ideas, and numbers.


As a result we have put together more than 160 pages in this digital edition represented through

  • Key Visuals
  • Materials, Pattern and Shape definitions
  • drivers explained in Concept&Direction
  • One Color Palette with Pantone color codes, several color combinations to give ideas for your own stories. Please note, we do not consider REGENERATION to represent a green color palette only.
  • Consumer Expectations so as a brand you can act upon it
  • how to Translate Design Features to make sure to properly translate relevant messages
  • a few Statistics to understand what drives a large percentage of end consumers today who relate to REGENERATION


The digital Trend Book comes with 2 bonuses:

1. Printable Worksheets. We like to make our products as useful as possible and have added worksheets for you to anchor the learnings, get a more memorable experience and craft right away a briefing for your colleagues, providers or yourself.

2. New Projects on the blog that popped up after editorial deadline. We figured that some would be relevant to the entire story. We will give you a protected password so you can access anytime.


  1. Are you lost within the theme of 'sustainability'?

We felt kind of the same when we started researching. during the past nine month we have observed and reduced everything to four big chapters in the immense universe of the 'sustainability' issue so you know where a lot is going on now and in the future.

2. Did you notice the rapidly changing consumer taste?

The forecast helps you develop a confident speech and be able to argument within your corporate structures or find ideas for your own business. And remember, not every trend report has to have the final goal of product development but can give you ideas for a different communication strategy too.

3. You need to hone your product strategy?

Well, there are plenty of examples to plan on new collections and if you feel, you can't do it by yourself, why not contacting some of the many designers and studios we are featuring?

4. You are dynamic, your brand is and you’d like to be up-to-date

#TrendsMatter, they describes societal structural changes ranging from micro to macro impacts. Being in the know of where our society is heading to, is always a sign of self-actualization which ultimately means to thrive to be the best version of yourself


Basically everyone interested in knowing how our society reacts to global issues such as going greener.

Also, if you identify within a wide spectrum of designers, marketing experts, color specialists, material experts, purchase departments, bloggers, journalists, researchers, and teachers, then we believe this Trend Book is for you!


We do not pretend to know everything nor cover every single aspect of 'sustainability'. And we do not consider 'sustainability' as a trend itself.

If you expect a comprehensive report of how to solve the mess we have all created together, this is probably not your trend report.

(But if you expect uplifting projects and see also opportunities to give it a go yourself - than we might be on the same side:)


All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, including printing, photocopying or the electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the editor, Gudy Herder. The publisher has made every effort to accurately gain permission from and credit all parties. Any errors or omissions will be corrected upon notification for the digital issue.

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"Only a 17% consider 'sustainability' as cool.

In order to create a higher awareness and reach a wider target, recycled outputs and innovative biodegradable materials have to be no longer dull and humdrum but more desirable, attractive, and, why not, stylish."



"I have been following Gudy’s work for years now. And while she provides a tone of amazing free content, the trend reports take the applicability to a whole new level.

The trend book makes everything much more applicable and the worksheets that follow along help you internalize the concepts. These once completed, can basically be a creative direction to hand over to a designer or a starting point for your own process."

- Valentina Albaek, Founder, Fabgoose

"I had always understood when talking trends, we would basically refer to aesthetic issues and now I realize I couldn't be wronger. Gudy shows how trends originate from concerns, values, needs and desires, and are intimately related to the society we live in.

Her trend reports made me reflect on our way of being in the world and opened the doors to understand what I can offer through my brand, a different way, much deeper, inspired and completely in line with the times we live in."

- Mónica Custodio, Visual Artist

I'd like to access to the Trend Book now!


"We will need to look into sustainability, in the interest of all citizens, extremely thoroughly to avoid that the term starts to sound as a mainstream concept that requires no action."

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I have access to the digital Trend Book?
The digital report is available upon purchase and you decide when to start and finish your readings.
How long do I have access to the Trend Book?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this Trend Book for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Do we have a printed version?
Not for this Trend Book. But we would like to hear if you could be interested in a printed book for further editions at Thanks!
Do you offer workshops to translate the content and see how to integrate the information in product launches?
Yes! We know it is not always easy to take the next step and adapt the learnings into real products. Workshops can be given to design, marketing and product departments. Drop us a line!
Are you going to publish more Trend Books?
Yes, we do. You can expect to see several topics throughout the year. Each Trend Book covers a different theme. However, if you are interested in sustainability, REGENERATION is the only one.
Can I reproduce REGENERATION in any way?
No, we are sorry! All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, including printing, photocopying or the electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the editor, Gudy Herder. This digital book is uploaded, registered and protected by Safe Creatives.

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Gudy Herder

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